Recognize Contributions and Successes
Recognition and reinforcement of contributions to the community and other positive actions is the heart of constructing a new culture; there are hundreds of studies that support the power of such recognition in systems of all sizes, from the microculture of the family to larger networks in organizations and communities. Cultures of recognition change brain chemistry in ways consistent with achievement and cooperation, and inconsistent with aggression. Recognition can dramatically change the atmosphere in an organization, home, or community. The research suggests that simple tools can increase levels of recognition substantially. PEACE POWER offers an extensive menu of empirically-grounded tools which local projects can select and adapt to dramatically increase levels of recognition, and to maintain those levels within organizational, family, peer, and community cultures.
Evidence-based tools and activities to increase recognition events include:
  1. 7. Recognition Circles
  2. 9. Lotteries
  3. 16. Envisioning a Path
Additional tools and activities consistent with the existing evidence include:
  1. 20. Harmonious Hallways Incentives
  2. 21. Honoring People: A Dialogue
  3. 22. Poster Making and Murals
  4. 23. Public Recognition (Print, PA, etc.)
  5. 24. Celebrations
  6. 25. Media Recognition Projects
  7. 26. Leadership Skill: Initiating Neighborhood and Community Recognition Projects