Act With Respect
Acting with respect (for self, others, and the earth) is incompatible with coercion and oppression, reduces the level of interpersonal threat and social toxicity experienced in the community, and builds recognition of the value of all community members. These changes also shift the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain and help remediate the effects of traumatic stress. The PEACE POWER package includes a menu of activities for work with peers, school and other organizational networks, families, and communities that focus on increasing respect for self, others, and the natural world, and building tolerance for persons of diverse races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, and social groups.
Evidence-based tools and activities to increase respectful action include:
  1. 1. The Respect Game (Good Behavior Game)
  2. 2. New Way Replays
  3. 7. “Rough and tumble” play
  4. 12. Response Cost
  5. 17. Communication Skills Education
  6. 18. Empathy Education
  7. 23. Deep breathing exercises
Additional tools and activities consistent with the existing evidence include:
  1. 24. Youth Leadership Workshops to End Harassment
  2. 25. Respect Buttons and Related Reminders
  3. 26. “Respect Month”
  4. 27. Classroom Assignments Related to Respect
  5. 28. Respect Surveys
  6. 29. “Mix It Up” Days
  7. 30. Days of Silence
  8. 31. Diversity Workshops
  9. 32. Writing and Story-telling Emphasizing Respect
  10. 33. Arts: Improvisation, Theater, Video, Murals, Original Posters (changed often)
  11. 34. Teaching Tolerance
  12. 35. Environmental Education and Action
  13. 36. Parent/Caretaker Interviews about Respect as Homework Assignments
  14. 37. Family Participation in Gap-Bridging and Multicultural Activities
  15. 38. Community Surveys
  16. 39. Police-Youth Dialogues
  17. 40. Who Should Be Respected? A Dialogue
  18. 41. Gender Fishbowl
  19. 42. Leadership Skill: Stopping Putdowns